NeuroCultures – NeuroGenderings II

Conference Programme

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

  • 16.00-18.00: Registration 
  • 17.30: Conference Opening 
    • Welcome Note
      • VR Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik (Rectorate, University of Vienna)
      • Christoph Dellago (Dean of the Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna)
      • Elke Mader (Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Vienna)
    • Introductory Remarks
      • Sigrid Schmitz (University of Vienna)
    • Presentation of the Network NeuroGenderings
      • Isabelle Dussauge (Uppsala University)
      • Anelis Kaiser (University of Freiburg)
  • 18.00-20.00: Keynote
    • Hilary Rose (London): Sex/Gender/Brain/Mind Cancelled!!
    • Cordelia Fine (Melbourne): Functional Neuroimaging Investigations of Sex Differences: Neurosexism or Neuronal Correctness?
    • Chair: Sigrid Schmitz
  • 20.00: Welcome Reception

Friday, 14 September 2012

  • 09.00–11.00: Panel I: Empirical NeuroGenderings I
    • Anelis Kaiser: Ambiguity in Face Gender: an (Im)Possible Neuroexperiment.
    • Isabelle Dussauge: Brains, Sex and Queers: an Ideal Neuroexperiment
    • Cynthia Kraus: Neuroimage/in/ing Sex, Gender, and Inter/Sexuality: a Thought-Experiment
    • Lisa Scheer/Julian Anslinger: Queer Perspectives on Neuroscience and Psychological Studies
    • Chair: Hannah Fitsch
  • 11.00–11.30: Tea/Coffee Break
  • 11.30–14.00:  Panel II: Image and Politics of the Cerebral Subject
    • Odile Fillod: Oxytocin as a Proxy for "Maternal Instinct": Postfeminism and the Hormones Mystique
    • Edyta Just: Affect. A Critical Cartography from a Feminist Perspective
    • Svenja Matusall: Social Neuroscience – Gendering Sociality, or Socialising Gender?
    • Karen O'Connell: Law, Neuroscience, and a Feminist Brain-based Legal Subject
    • Sonia Reverter-Bañón: From a Different Voice to a Different Brain? New Questions for Feminist Theory
    • Chair: Deboleena Roy
  • 14.00–15.30: Lunch Break
  • 15.30–17.30: Poster Session
    • Noa Albelda/Ina Weiner: Early Post-Natal Immune Stimulation Leads to the Emergence of Depressive-Like Symptoms in Adulthood in Female, but not in Male Rats 
    • Julia Boschmann/Christian Moser: Gender Effects in Brain Mapping
    • Maria Clar: Brain Death and Pregnancy. A Lack of Feminist Analysis
    • Kristina Gupta: Pedagogy and Neurogenderings: Teaching Feminism, Sexuality, and Neuroethics
    • Grit Höppner/Sigrid Schmitz: Pimp Your Brain! A Question of Gender? Pharmacological Neuro-Enhancement in Popular Media
    • Caroline Keller/Lisa Krall: Sex-Specific Intelligence in the Brain. Modern Determinism in Neuroanatomical Intelligence Research – Naturalising and Legitimation of Sexual Division of Labour
    • Monika Kleedorfer: The Extreme Male Brain – Autism and Gender in Pop Science Discourses
    • Dafna Lotan: Sex Differences in GAS-Related Neuropsychiatric Disorders
    • Kristina Mead: The Creation of a Feminist Cassroom and Science Lab Environment in the New Course: Sex, Gender and the Brain
    • Saskia Nagel: Changing Brains – Blessing and Burden of Knowing about the Brain's Alterability 
    • Diana Schellenberg: Defensive Sexism? Neural Correlates of Exposure to Anti-Sexist, Sexist and Neutral Material (Presentation not listed on printed programme-folder)
    • Eva Maria Seidel/Claus Lamm: Mars vs. Venus – a Social Neuroscience approach to Gender Differences in Competition  Cancelled!
    • Ulrike Tanner/Jasmin Unfried: Neuronal Plasticity and Gender. A Context-Analysis of Gender Constructions in the Brain-Plasticity-Concept of J. Bauer
    • Roni Yankelevitch Yahav: The Effects of Post-Natal Administration of the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor Fluoxetine on Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Rats are Modulated by Sex
    • Chair: Katrin Nikoleyczik/Catherine Vidal
  • 16.30–17.00:Tea/Coffee Break
  • 18.00–20.00: Keynote
    • Daphna Joel (Tel Aviv University): Sex, Gender, and Brain – a Problem of Conceptualization
    • Chair: Rebecca Jordan-Young

Saturday, 15 September 2012

  • 09.00–11.00: Panel III: NeuroCultures and Brain Plasticity
    • Victoria Pitts-Taylor: Embodied Simulation and Situated Neurons: Lessons from Feminist Epistemologies
    • Rachel Weitzenkorn: Disability and the Cerebral Subject
    • Heidi Maibom/Robyn Bluhm: It's All in the Brain, but not All of the Time: the Influence of Situation on Gender Differences in Neuronal Activity
    • Catherine Vidal: Neuro-Pedagogy against Neuro-Sexism
    • Chair: Emily Ngubia Kuria
  • 11.00–11.30: Tea/Coffee Break
  • 11.30–13.30: Panel IV: Theory and Epistemology of NeuroGenderings
    • Hannah Fitsch: What Goes around comes around: Visual Knowledge in fMRI and its Implications for Research Practice
    • Katrin Nikoleyczik: Imaging Matters: an Agential Realist Account of Neuroscientific Knowledge Production
    • Alexander Stingl: Semantic Gaps, Epistemic Deficiencies, and the Cyborg Gaze: Medical Imaging and Gender from the Perspective of Postcolonial Philosophy of Science Cancelled!
    • Tara Mehrabi: Visualizing Life, Visualizing Death. A Feminist Materialis Laboratory Study of the Imaging and Bio-Chemistry of Alzheimer's Desease
    • Chair: Isabelle Dussauge
  • 13.30-15.00: Lunch Break
  • 15.00-17.30: Panel V: Empirical NeuroGenderings 2
    • Kristina Gupta: Transsexual Brains: More of the Same and Something New
    • Christel Gumy: The Gendered Tools of the Construction of the Unisex Adolescent Brain
    • Lise Eliot: Neuroplasticity and the Development of Sex Differences
    • Emily Ngubia Kuria: Experimenting with Gender. How Science Constructs Difference
    • Deboleena Roy: Estrogen Receptors in the Brain. A Case for Situational Neuroendocrinology
    • Chair: Cordelia Fine
  • 17.45–18.15: Round-up and Farewell
    • Rebecca Jordan-Young/Sigrid Schmitz

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